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Vision Control

MCS always supply the highest spec vision Control galleries alongside the industriy's best vision engineers, with full touchdown RCP control and Grade one HD monitoring

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MCS work with a range of cameras but predominantly use the Sony 2500 System cameras which have been at the forefront of HD television broadcasting for many years now used in studios and on OB's.


We are oftern asked to supply large sensor cameras for various shoots and have chosen to work with the Sony F55 cameras. To then turn them into a flexible system camera we use the Telecast Copperhead systems to send all the signals inculding talkback to and from the camera using fibre.


This is our preferred way of shooting 4K recording a 4K version in the cameras and talking HD images back to a viewing gallery where they can be controlled and viewed and a HD line cut can take place.


De-rig Galleries

As no two jobs in TV are the same MCS have developed a range of gallery solutions to meet a variety of production needs. These include suitcase style flyaway kits to 20 channel multiview production suites.


If you need us to supply sound we will bring you the best Sound Supervisors and crews that the industry have to offer. All of our sound teams are specialists in OB, Studios and flyaway working practices.

Again tailoring each sound equipment package the the specific needs of production.

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